“I never get what I expect - I get what I inspect. As your builder, it’s my responsibility to make sure everything is done the way you expect it. The integrity of the builder determines the integrity of the finished home.”


Nick Stanitz, Owner/President of Oak Hill Builders & Developers, Inc.



“That says a lot about a builder. If Nick can give us a warranty that’s twice as long as any other builders’, he must be pretty confident about his workmanship. That, and the quality details evident throughout the model, are what sold us on Oak Hill Builders & Developers, Inc.”


Garry and Karen Fiedor

The Integrity of the Builder
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The integrity of the builder determines the integrity of the home and standard features help determine the value of the home.



A Floorplan Alone Is A Poor Basis For Choosing A Builder

All models “look good.” Most builders can build “all floorplans or have similar versions.” Some homebuyers choose a builder based on an appealing floorplan. Floorplans are a commodity but good builders are not. Oak Hill will help you find a floorplan you desire, carefully matched to your budget, lifestyle, and your family’s needs. Once selected, the floorplan becomes a secondary consideration, not nearly as important as the quality of materials used in the home and the skill and standards of workmanship of the builder, his employees, and his subcontractors.



The True Character Of A Home Asserts Itself Over Time

Oak Hill includes standard features in a home that other builders include only as extra-charge options. Such as Group V cabinets and not using OSB particle board. Insulated casement windows with Low E and argon gas. Using R-30 walls and R-50 ceiling insulation. Also 9 foot basement walls and sound insulated bedroom and bathroom walls.
Oak Hill refuses to compromise on structural integrity, illustrated by our 10 year structural warranty, or on the technology of home construction as it relates to long term efficiency, comfort and value. All homeshave daylight basement windows providing natural light.


As you choose your builder, ask all kinds of questions about the specifications of the proposed home, about its construction, energy saving advantages and its convienience features, allowances for lighting and floor and wall coverings, and all the details of structure and finish that separate an assembly-line house from a true custom home. As the months and years pass by, your home will either prove its value or make painfully obvious the shortcuts the builder took in its construction. A home to fit your lifestyle and a home whose initial price seems more and more of a bargain with every passing year.



Oak Hill Can Help You Decide

You owe it to yourself and your family to talk to Oak Hill Builders. Listen to their ideas for your new home. Then listen to the people who are already living in an Oak Hill home and understand that value is not synonymous just with price. Experience the awards of integrity, planning, sound thinking, and master craftsmanship. Our homeowners have indicated that they couldn’t find another buyer that matched both Oak Hills prices and standard features.


A Builder Who Agrees With You On Everything Maybe Shouldn’t

No builder has all the answers: perfection may not be possible. But your builder owes you ideas. He owes you informed, independent thinking and his experience. Many builders take the path of least resistance and let you make decisions you may later regret. We offer the flexibility of design changes and customizing by the availability of a full time draftsman on our staff.


Oak Hill Builders & Developers, Inc.

How do you find a builder that will give you more house for your money? Savvy home buyers know the answer: You shop the market thoroughly and look for an experienced builder who gives you top quality at the most competitive price.

Discriminating home buyers found that Oak Hill Builders & Developers, Inc. offer more standard features, more living space, more choices of architectural styles - and all at a lower cost-per-square-foot than others.

You see, building a home for less doesn’t mean you have to compromise on quality. Nick Stanitz, owner and President of Oak Hill Builders & Developers, Inc. has 25-35 years of experience in both the residential and commercial building industries. He worked with more than 500 builders, literally learning his trade from the ground up, before founding his own company in 1991. Nick knows quality construction and has a craftsman’s eye for quality.

What’s more. When you choose Oak Hill Builders & Developers, Inc. to build your new home, you know your builder. Nick Stanitz works with each customer through every stage of construction, from planning to final walk-through. He visits each homesite regularly to assess progress and ensure that your home is built to your specifications and our rigorous standards of quality - inside and out. In addition to employing a full time customer service staff, Nick is able to answer questions quickly.


Any Design, Any Style - It’s Your Home

From Orland Park to Barrington, Oak Hill Builders & Developers, Inc. builds semi-custom homes in a wide range of styles, from traditional to contemporary. We can build from one of our floorplans; our CAD draftsman can readily customize one to suit your living space needs or draw a completely customized design based on your ideas.


If you have your own plans or blueprints, we even offer free architectural consultation to look them over and what it will cost.


Whether you use our plans or yours, you’ll work with our architect - or we’ll work with yours - through the initial planning stages to design your home exactly the way you want it.



Quality Above & Beyond The “Standard”

Commercial building standards are much more rigorous than those for residential homes - and many of the extras you’ll find in your new Oak Hill home are the result of employing commercial building standards to home construction. The foundations of all Oak Hill homes, for example, are reinforced with rebar for added strength and solidity. Walls in the kitchen, bathrooms and bedrooms are soundproofed. Floors are screwed down, not just nailed in to prevent squeaks. Cold air returns on both floor and ceiling help efficiently maintain comfortable indoor temperatures. Casement windows have Low-E tint and are insulated with Argon gas. And instead of the standard R-13 wall insulation and R-30 ceiling insulation, Oak Hill homes feature energy-efficient R-22 and R-50 insulation.


Such quality upgrades are proof of Oak Hill Builders & Developers’ craftsmanship and attention to detail. And so are the warranties that come with your new home: two years, not one, on your electrical, plumbing and mechanical; and a full 10 year structural warranty. Oak Hill Builders & Developers, Inc. can offer such guarantees because we’re that sure of the quality construction that goes into every home we build.


Quality Without Compromise

We’re proud to claim that a significant portion of our business comes from the referrals of satisfied customers; you, too, will be impressed at how much more home you get from Oak Hill Builders. Even other builders ask: “How can Oak Hill Builders give home buyers so much quality at so affordable a price?”


There are many reasons. For one, we build approximately 40 homes a year, so our suppliers give us volume discounts on top of quality building materials. And because we are a preferred customer, those suppliers go the extra mile to provide service and deliver products on time.


Second, because most of our subcontactors work almost exclusively for Oak Hill Builders, it is like maintaining a full staff of professional tradespeople.


By using the same subcontractors - those who have proven their expertise, craftsmanship and on-time completion of work - ensures the quality of your new home. The subcontractors who work with us know we demand the best of our customers; they take no shortcuts on quality and are as committed to customer satisfaction as we are.


Third, Oak Hill Builders uses the most cost-efficient, up-to-date construction techniques. By employing our own CAD draftsman, we can save you hundreds, even thousands of dollars in design costs. Combined with expert construction planning and management, we deliver your new home within budget, on time and to your satisfaction.


Demand The Best

Don’t settle for anything less than what you really want. As hundreds of customers from Burr Ridge to Barrington have discovered, you don’t have to compromise on the options, features, size of the home, value or qualiy of your family’s new home. Call Oak Hill Builders today and let us show you just how affordable quality can be - when you choose the right builder.



Want to build, but you have heard horror stories from others who have built. Take a hard a look at Oak Hill Builders. 

Our employees, trade contractors and most importantly, our homeowners will tell you that is different. We build quality homes but it’s how we build and service our homes that set us apart. In addition, our standard features are unparalled.


Financial stability

We’ve been with the same primary bank since 1991. We’ve never had a mechanic’s lien placed on us by any subcontractor on any of our homes. That and the fact that, owner, will personally guarantee your deposit, means we’ll be around to service your home for many years. 

The construction team that manages the building of your home averages 20 years of experience and 18 years with Oakhill Builders.This ensures that your building process will be smoother because it’s supervised by people who have shared commitment to customer satisfaction.

Our craftsmen are put through a selection process before they are hired. We trust them with your home so we hire them based on the quality and service they provide.


Your door is always open for you. We offer an electrical walk-through for all our homebuyers. At the time the electrical rough-in work begins, you’ll be offered an opportunity to walk through the home with our electrical contractor. This will give you a final opportunity to select and approve final locations for switches, outlets, recessed lights, etc.


Additional Info


Our foundations are membrane coated for water proofing with a 20 year warranty. Most builders just damp proof with only a one year warranty.



After your home is framed, we measure to make custom built cabinets. Most builders just install pre-made box cabinets.



Many people prefer lots that will accomodate “look out” basement windows. Not all lot grades will allow this. We are now able to offer special, oversize, 4’ x 4’ windows for the basement that transform normal basement windows into sunny lookout windows in addition to our 2 x 4 daylight windows.



We are now able to
convert many of our floorplans to include a 3rd floor for as little as $19,000.



Standard features are included in all homes where structurally feasible.